About Us

We are family owned and operated company. We take pride in quality of our customer service. Our goal is not to make just a sale but rather develop a relationship with you & your company. Although we are aware of the new technology & provide you with conveniences of website,online ordering; we still prefer to do business with smile & handshake. We guarantee your satisfaction and we stand behind our products.

In today's business world where words like honesty, integrity,loyalty hold little meaning. We still hold on to those values & do business accordingly. we are not a big corporation bottom line is not our goal and our prices & services reflect that attitude.

Come and see what a pleasant experience it is to do business with us. We give you conveniences of big corporation(Website,Online ordering,Etc) with personal attention you deserve . Quality products,best service in industry,convenience of today's technology with comfort of neighborhood business and we do all these with Smile.

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